Bruut: Superheros of Jazz!

Another special combination of artists supported by Projazz was presented last December 13th at Paardcafé. This time was the turn of Bruut, the quartet of musical superheros conformed by Maarten Hogenhuis – alto and tenor sax, Folkert Oosterbeek – Hammond B3 organ, Thomas Rolff – double bass, and Felix Schlarmann – drums.

With an elegant and energetic start they showed strong personality and strong professionalism in their music loaded with swing, jazz, vintage rock and boogie boogie. Through a fresh and happy repertoire, these brave and talented heroes motivated the crowded public to listen, dance and smile during this special night.

A part of the concert was dedicated to present their latest album “Superjazz” inviting to imagine cinematographic scenes at the great style of Quentin Tarantino.

To highlight: the transmission of the joy of the virtuoso saxophonist Maarten Hogenhuis.

To finish this happy story: these four superheros did a great job and could manage to defend and save their heroine girl: the supermusic!

Until the next chapter.

Patricia López