“Classy” Moustache

To start the month of November with good music and full adrenaline, on Wednesday 1st,  Tommy Moustache performed at Paardcafé.

This powerful quartet formed by Jasper van Damme (sax), Jorn ten Hoopen (guitar), Bas Kloosterman (bass guitar), Mark van Kersbergen (drums) delighted us with two hours of good taste, rock riffs, instrumental jazz, crazy swing and intense improvisations. The audience listened attentively to their new album “EGO” that with a cool and humorous style made clear its rhythmic solidity, its compositional quality and its sophisticated arrangements. This versatile ensemble gave no rest and surprised moment by moment until the end. His varied, happy climates, melancholy for moments, made many dance and others were left wanting to continue discovering this musical phenomenon.

In the style of “Dalí” Tommy’s Moustache showed his surealistic avant-garde, inflicted with fine and deep strokes that gave rise to the reflection and recognition of his talent and inspiration. As a saxophonist, I was able to enjoy the effervescent sound of Jasper, dominating widely the entire range of his alto sax and of course his virtuous technique. Without leaving behind, the trio of bass, guitar and drums they demonstrated a strong rhythmic connection and a strong complicity to communicate through music.

To highlight: his criteria for clothing and set design.

I recommend you stay tuned for when Tommy Moustache comes again on stage!

Patricia López